Here is another game with a spreadsheet to faciitate its delivery.



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The sheets printed in this section should be in full colour

1Print the Game Flags sheet. It prints four flags to an A4 page and requires 12 sheets.
2Cut the Game Flags sheets into individual flags. These should be trimmed to the same size – use the cell border lines as a guide – to facilitate shuffling the deck later.
3Print a copy of the AnswerSheet.
4Print several copies of the Flags and Names sheets. Suggest at least one per team. These sheets can be used as Study Guides before the Flag Bingo game is started.
5If desired, laminate all the above items to increase their robustness.

Game Flags sheet

Flags game flags

Answer sheet

Flags and Names sheets to be used as study guides

Flags study sheet

New Game Sheets

1Click Make Game button (in each of the Instructions and Bingo sheets) for a new Game Sheet, with 3 games per sheet. 
 Each sheet will have 10 randomly selected country names in the same positions as the Flags and Names sheets.
 The new sheets will be named Bingo (#) where # is 2, 3, etc.
2Repeat click the Make Game button for as many Game Sheets as required
3Print one copy of each of the Bingo (#) sheets.
4Close the spreadsheet without saving changes.
Flag Bingo Make Game button
Flag Bingo new sheet tab
Flag Bingo Game Sheet

Playing Flag Bingo

1Distribute the Flags and Names sheets to teams for 2 minutes, allowing them to familiarise themselves with the country flags.
2Withdraw both the Flags and Names sheets.
3Distribute the Game Sheets to the players, plus a pencil for marking it.
4Shuffle the set of Game Flags and place upside down on a table. The players should be positioned so they can all see the display area clearly.
5Advise the players which Game they are playing (i.e. Game 1, 2 or 3 on their sheets.)
6Lift up a flag from the top of the pile and display for a short period, about 5 seconds is ample.
7Any player who recognises the flag and has it on their Game Sheet may cross it off.
8The game ends when a player has crossed off all ten of their countries and shouts “Flag Bingo”.
8Check their game sheet against the discard pile and then announce the winner.

Change the Flag set

The countries and flags in Flag_Bingo.xls were chosen to have relevance to Australian Scouting. You may change any of these to countries of your choosing by substituting the Flag Image and Country Name in all of the relevant locations.
The row and column positions of the flags is identical in each of the Bingo, AnswerSheet, Flags and Names sheets. The Game Flags sheet can be in any order, as required to enable efficient printing.

A good reference for flag images is the World Flag Database at