Road trip planning

Another Excel spreadsheet application has been posted, this one to support road trip planning. For a long road trip, possibly over several days, it allows entry of intermediate stops, inter-stop distances and road type, break times, overnight stops and refuelling stops. Departure time each day can be individually set, or defaults to a standard time in a Reference sheet. The Reference sheet also contains tables of vehicles with fuel consumption and tank volumes, fuel types and costs, fuel increases if towing various types of trailer or caravan, time zone details and other parameters.

The spreadsheet calculates ETA and ETD at each stop, allowing for time zone and daylight saving time changes. It tracks daily travel time and distance, fuel use and estimated remaining range. Various parameters are entered from reference tables so that once a vehicle and its towing status have been selected from lists, almost all other calculations are automatic. Fuel consumption is adjusted for type of towed vehicle and for route segment average road speed.